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Gilda Tonelli brand is very popular not only in its native Italy, but also in Europe and America. Excellent style and quality, perfect cut and ultramodern details - these are the distinctive features of the products Gilda Tonelli!

Currently, Gilda Tonelli manufactures more than 500 kinds of women’s handbags, purses, wallets, briefcases, travel bags, backpacks, as well as men’s and women’s shoes. Particular attention is paid to the development of Abramo Tonelli line, the sewing of women’s handbags. Now, it established two production lines  - Classic Tonelli and Glamour Tonelli. Women’s Handbags from Gilda Tonelli designed by leading designers of the company, taking into account the trends of world fashion, and each bag keeps warm arms of Italian masters!

Italian handbags from Gilda Tonelli will strike a chord with fashion-mongers, as well as ladies who prefer a classic style. The palette of colours is different – the playful women’s handbags in red, severe bags in black and democratic white…The richness of the model range, the luxury of texture and excellent quality of materials really amaze. Fanciful decoration, interesting details and decorative line, all these nuances largely determine the deserved popularity of these products. Gilda Tonelli manufactures the women’s casual handbags, bags for dinner party, travel and business meetings. The choice is so wide that it is simply impossible to leave without a purchase visiting the Gilda Tonelli shops!

Products of Gilda Tonelli are famous for their hand-made craftsmanship, in addition, the tailoring of products from Gilda Tonelli produced with the use of special methods of putting of stitches, which provides strength, durability and beauty of things manufactured under this brand. The following factors that allow the company to achieve success are the development of interesting and unusual styles, attraction to the cooperation the best designers and artists, the use of expensive and high-quality materials.

Gilda Tonelli development continues today. Tonelli Group has wholesale stores in many regions of Italy, as well as magnificent boutiques in Milan, Florence, Rome and other metropolis. Tonelli Corporation has exclusive rights for Tonelli distribution in America. Now GT develops new markets and rapidly expand industry. Tonelli group participates at exhibitions and fashion shows around the world. Recently the company presented new models for Fashion Show in San Francisco and Las Vegas.

Products produced under the brand named Gilda Tonelli are comparable in quality with such brands like Gucci, Prada and Versace. Gilda Tonneli close collaborate with these companies, which is determined not only by location (all plants are located in the Alba Adriatic), but also by the opportunity for joint planning and exchange of experiences.